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P.L.A.N. for Better Learning

This hands-on guide is designed to assist teachers as they structure their learning practice. The framework of four basic and proven steps — Preparation, Learning Sequence, Authentic Application, and New Thinking — can be used at any level, for any subject, and for learning applications from lessons to unit plans. The P.L.A.N. approach aims to improve flow in teaching — to help teachers truly implement purposeful planning, personalization, and engagement. Combining the best research on how we learn with practical lesson exemplars, the P.L.A.N. process encourages and supports goal setting, student engagement, and transformational learning.

Coming in September 2015 — Pre-order today!

Author(s): Kevin Bird and Kirk Savage

Pages: 144 Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 9781551383057

Paper Price: $ 24.95
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